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Pre-Purchase FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

If your question is not answered here then you can email your question here.

Q. How do I download my software ?.
A. You will receive an email containing a new product serial number and a link to download your software.
(If you dont get the email within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder first, then contact us).

Q. Can I transfer my software to a different computer, like my laptop or work PC etc ?.
A. Yes, simply deactivate your software and then you are free to install it on any other PC you like.

Q. Can I return the software if I don't like it or if I have a technical problem etc ?.
A. No, Unlike physical items software can easily be duplicated and so we do not accept returns once the software has been ordered. if you have any technical problems you can get free help and support on our technical help forum.

Q. Can I give a copy of the software to my friends just so that they can try it ?.
A. Yes, feel free to show them how it works & and let them play with it.

Q. Do you keep a backup of my software in case I lose my copy ?.
A. You can download your software as many times as you like for up to 6 months, after that it's your responsibility to keep your own backup copy.

Q. Are software updates free ?.
A. If an update becomes available within 6 months of your purchase you can download it for free.
eBay (CDrom) buyers may also contact us for a free download of the latest version if an update is released within 1 month of their purchase .

Q. Does the Jukebox software work on 64bit operating systems & Windows 7 & 8 ?.
A. Yes, but please check the other PC requirements here.

Q. What format music files does Home Jukebox play ?.
A. MP3 and WMA audio files.

Q. What format music & video files does Videobox play ?.
A.MP3 WMA AAC M4A audio files, MP4 MPG AVI WMV video files, CDG Karaoke files (MP3+G)  but it CANNOT read karaoke files from CD's Zip's or other karaoke formats.

Q. What format music files does Karaoke Jukebox play ?.
A. Karaoke Jukebox can read CDG files and CDG files that are in zipped folders (mp3+g), but it CANNOT read karaoke files from CD's or other karaoke formats .

Q. Will Home Jukebox, Videobox & Karaoke Jukebox work with my touchscreen as well as my keyboard and mouse ?.
A. Yes, they all work just like any other program on your Windows® computer, and so if your touchscreen, mouse & keyboard works with Windows® then you should be ok.

Q. Will Home Jukebox & Videobox read my tracks from a USB stick or Network drive ?.
A. Yes, Both can read your music from any drive that your computer can read, the only thing to remember with this is that some of those external USB drives go into a power saving mode and shut down after a period of inactivity and there may be a pause in operation while the drive 'wakes-up' when a track is requested, this power saving mode can sometimes be disabled (consult your manual).

Q.What's the best thing about Home Jukebox & Videobox ?.
A. The purchase price.

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